Ex President Obasanjo tearing his PDP card was painful and insulting – Femi Fani-Kayode,

February 17, 2015 7:09 am

Spokesperson of the PDP Presidential campaign organization, Fani-Kayode
says former president Obasanjo asking someone to tear his PDP membership
card while he stood there and watched was painful and tragic and a spit

on the face of the PDP. He said this in a statement released in Abuja
today. Part of the statement below ..

our party
membership card being torn up whilst President Obasanjo was standing
there and smiling was painful and tragic.  This is a party which he
helped to build and on whose platform he was
elected president for eight good years. The truth is that President
Obasanjo is far better and far bigger than that. Such behaviour is
provocative and unacceptable. He is free to leave the party but does he
have to spit in our faces by
tearing up our party card in public and before the television cameras?
This knee-jerk reaction is most unlike President Obasanjo and it is
very insulting.
It is clear that he has burnt all the bridges and that
he has left us forever. On a personal note, I feel saddened by this but
the truth is that many
in our party have heaved a huge sigh of relief. Many of us love
President Obasanjo and we shall continue to do so regardless of whether
he is in our party or not, but tearing up that party card was too much
to bear. It spoke volumes and it was indicative of the deep hatred and
that he has for us and our cause. It reminded me of the biblical passage
in which King Saul rejected David and then planned to stop him from
ascending to the throne by attempting to kill and destroy him.
Thankfully the Lord was with David and not only did he deliver him from
Saul, he also crowned him King.” the statement read

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