Evidence of Documents that Prove Ekiti State Guber Election was Allegedly Rigged

February 8, 2015 6:09 am

Two nights ago, SaharaReporters
released an explosive audio recording that allegedly provided
substantial evidence that major Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders
planned and successfully rigged the gubernatorial elections in Ekiti
State, and plotted a similar scenario in Osun in 2014. The video sparked
a nationwide outrage and immediately, some of the named PDP leaders,
Obanikoro and Fayose, released statements rubbishing the recording.

However, SaharaReporters has now released more documents to prove their story. According to SR:

 Obanikoro, Fayose, Omisore, and Brig. General Momoh succeeded in
rigging the election with victory in all the 16 LGAs. This
feat in Ekiti really inspired the crew as they went with euphoria to do
the same in Osun State. In preparation of the plans, they confirmed
the posting of the the army commander, (Brig. general AA Momoh) and
task him to prepare for Osun State election (remember that Osun State is
not part of 32 Artillery Brigade Area of his operations) but they
ordered the Nigerian Army Construction Engineers Commander, Brigadier
General Adeyemi to proceed for 3 weeks on compulsory leave until after
the election just to pave way for General Momoh to repeat the same dirty
work that he has done for them in Ekiti State. 

In the exclusive documents recieved first by SaharaReporters, it is
revealed that Brigadier General A.A. Momoh of Kogi State accepted a
bribe to arrest voters and party leaders for the All Progressives
Congress (APC) during the Ekiti State elections. The documents and audio
recordings provide evidence that Governor , Senator Iyiola
Omisore, Senator , the ‘Honorable’ AbdulKareem, and
Caleb Olubolade collectively, under the direction of President Goodluck
Jonathan, bribed Brig. General Momoh with a promise of higher promotion
if he manipulated the elections for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

Brig. General Momoh was the superior officer to the whistleblower,
Captain Sagir Koli, he commanded Koli to assist him in rigging elections
for the PDP candidates of Ekiti State. Capt. Koli, who had secretly
recorded the group’s conversation, leaked these materials and soon
thereafter fled into hiding out of fear.

The full sworn affadavit by Capt. Koli:

 Click HERE to see more of the released documents.

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