Eedris Abdulkareem says Obasanjo is my best friend and my mugu

February 9, 2015 11:39 am

Abdulkareem has revealed he is strongly behind president Jonathan’s
second term bid and wants Buhari to pave way for the youth.He also
opened up on his relationship with former president Obasanjo.Excerpts
from his new interview with Encomium

What’s your current relationship with former President, ?

Obasanjo is my best friend and my mugu.

Can you expatiate more on what you meant by mugu?

What I’m saying is that when I came back from raising the Olympic touch,
God inspired me to sing JagaJaga. Luckily for me, the then
president (Obasanjo) came on a national television, insulted my family
and all sorts. Some people said the President might kill me, but I told
them, “I’m not scared of anybody. I’m a muslim, I fear no one except
Allah. I read my Quran.” So, I was happy that Obasanjo replied because
his response brought food to my table. He made a superstar and elevated
me above all my colleagues with his reactions to my song. That’s why I
said he’s my mugu.

Why do you think Jonathan is the right choice?

First, everybody has a choice, but for me, Jonathan is my choice. For
goodness sake, Buhari has ruled us before. He was the governor of North
Eastern State (presently Yobe and Borno). He was also the Minister of
Petroleum and Mineral Resources when he was 32. He was also Chairman of
NNPC at 36, and at 41, he became the head of state. What else does he
want? We are tired of him. We want to move on. We want a young man like
Jonathan. To me, the whole Boko Haram saga wascreated by
some people to humiliate Jonathan so as to make him look like a fool.
This propaganda doesn’t work anywhere. It’s only Jonathan that can save
Nigeria if allowed for the second time.

There is speculation that you have collected huge sum of money from Jonathan to campaign for him, how true is it?

Collected? Do I need to collect money before showing support for president that
meant good for this country? I didn’t collect any money, I have not
even met the president. If I’m opportuned to meet him, I have one question to ask him, “Why did you say you don’t want to jail anybody, including the corrupt politicians?

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