Dame Patience Jonathan mocked the APC’s chant for change ”We are not Bus Conductors that Ask for Change”

February 27, 2015 9:15 am

The First Lady, , mocked the ’s chant for
change when she charged women in the country to vote for the Peoples
Democratic Party, . Dame Jonathan at the Women for Change
Initiative Presidential Rally in Delta state said:

“The PDP is a party that talks less and does more, unlike the APC that
tells new lies every week. When you catch them today, they will tell
another lie tomorrow. We (PDP) do not tell you about change because we
are not bus conductors that ask for change.  

We are now in a digital age and we should reject anyone who wants to take us back to analog
days. They keep saying they will do this and that. They should tell us
what they have done for Nigerians while in office. As for President
Jonathan, he has vowed to do more when he is re-elected. 

President Jonathan has brought a lot of innovation and empowerment
programmes for us women. This is because no one loves the Nigerian woman
more than Mr. President and the best way to pay him back is by
re-electing him.”

She stressed that any woman who votes for All Progressives Congress, APC, is an enemy of herself.

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