Consider These 7 Amazing Foods For Beautiful Complexion and Glowing Skin

February 21, 2015 11:27 am

Fortunately, the key to a beautiful complexion and glowing skin is not  just an
expensive beauty treatment or beauty products from the top brands but it
is actually eating the healthy and right food that is rich in skin
clearing ingredients and can also make your complexion evenly beautiful
and skin glowing. These foods protect and rejuvenate your skin both from
the outside and inside. So instead of temporarily hiding your skin
problems with makeup, try these amazing foods regularly for beautiful
complexion and glowing skin.


Carrots are the wonder foods for our skin, body and eyes as they are
packed with skin friendly vitamin A. Vitamin A is very effective in
protecting our skin against acne breakouts as it clears our skin from
dead cells and also control the production of skin cells in collagen.
Carrots also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of sun and give
your skin a new life by repairing the damage skin cells. Carrots are
also very effective in protection your skin against cancer. Regular use
of carrots helps clear your skin and make it firm and beautiful. All
these amazing qualities make carrots one of the most amazing foods for
beautiful complexion and glowing skin.


Almonds are nature’s amazing beauty product and almond oil is used in
almost all skincare and anti-aging products. Almonds are rich in
antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, protein, magnesium
and calcium. Vitamin E in almonds provides perfect protection from sun
both outside and inside. Antioxidants in almonds also are very effective
against protecting skin from sun and eliminating free radicals. Amazing
ingredients of almonds nourishes skin and keep it firm, young and
fresh. Almonds are no doubt one of the most amazing foods that give your
beautiful complexion and glowing skin.


Spinach is packed with skin nourishing nutrients and antioxidants that
make it one of the best foods that gives you beautiful complexion and
glowing skin. Spinach contains skin friendly vitamins E, C and B and
omega-3 fatty acids. Spinach is also rich in minerals like iron,
magnesium, calcium and potassium. Spinach also reduces the chances of
cancer and folic acid in spinach enhances skin cells ability to
rejuvenate and repair themselves. Spinach is also very good for cell
membrane and keeps our skin firm and wrinkle free.


Yes, according to various studies chocolates is very good for your
health and skin. But don’t get too much excited as we’re not talking
about cheap or sugary milk chocolates that can be found in candy isles
at the store; dark chocolate that contains about 70 percent of cocoa
content is the chocolate that is very healthy for you. Dark chocolate is
rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that reduces the chances of
blood pressure and heart diseases as well as keeps your skin protected
against UV rays of the sun and improves skin texture. Flavonoids in
chocolate also decrease the fine lines and wrinkles and increase the
blood flow in skin that helps in nourishing skin cells. Just use few
ounces of dark chocolate regularly for having beautiful complexion and
glowing skin.

Sweet potatoes is one of the most amazing foods for beautiful and
glowing skin as it is packed with nutrients like omega-e fatty acids,
vitamins, E, A, B, K , minerals like sodium, zinc phosphorus, potassium
and magnesium and antioxidants. Vitamin C in sweet potatoes regenerate
and rejuvenate the cells in upper layers of skin and keeps skin free
from wrinkles and fine lines. A compound anthocyanin in sweet potatoes
has anti-inflammatory properties and it protects skin and removes
pigmentation. Vitamins A, E, C and K also acts as antioxidants and keep
skin protected against free radicals and keep it young and fresh.
2. Tomatoes for Young and Fresh Looking Skin

According to experts, tomatoes provide better skin protection against
harmful effects of sun and keeps our skin young, fresh and youthful than
most of the expensive beauty products. Tomatoes are rich in an
anti-aging photochemical lycopene that is very lethal against skin
damaging free radicals. Tomatoes not only protect skin against harmful
effects of UV rays but they also reduce the damaging effects of UV rays.
Cooked tomatoes contain more lycopene than the raw ones so make sure to
include it in your regular meals to keep your skin protected both from
inside and outside. All these amazing qualities make tomatoes one of the
most amazing foods for beautiful complexion and glowing skin.
1. Eat Fish for Firm and Smooth Skin
Fish like tuna and salmon contains ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids
and antioxidants like that keeps your skin firm and smooth. It is very
good for a protein elastin that is responsible for keeping our skin
young and firm. Omega-e and selenium also protects our skin from free
radicals produced by the UV rays of the sun. So fish is also one of the
most amazing foods for making your complexion beautiful and skin

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