Chadian aircraft ‘bomb Borno town in anti-Boko Haram raid’

February 1, 2015 1:53 am
Chadian aircraft today Saturday Jan. 23rd bombed the town of Gamboru in in a
raid targeting  Boko Haram, security sources told AFP. The AFP report below…
An initial raid was carried out
around midday by two fighter jets on the town in ’s far northeast
along the Cameroon border, sources from and Cameroon said on
condition of anonymity.
was followed by further bombings of areas around the town, Chadian
sources said. The raids were aimed at “allowing Chadian soldiers to
enter Gamboru,” a Cameroon security source told AFP.

Details on damage or casualties were not immediately clear.
Haram overran the town several months ago as part of its campaign to
seize territory in the region and create an Islamic state.
officers from the Cameroon army are located in Fotokol,” the Cameroon
source said. “The Cameroon and Chadian armies met for the Gamboru
The Cameroon town
of Fotokol and its surroundings, just across the border from Gamboru,
saw fighting between Chadian soldiers and Boko Haram extremists on
Thursday and Friday.
Chad’s military said three of its soldiers and 123 militants were killed in the two days of fighting in the area.
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