British Father Allegedly Beat Man To Death After Catching Him Filming His Daughter

February 11, 2015 2:10 pm
The Olive Press/Twiter

A British father allegedly beat a man to death in a restaurant when he saw him taking a video of his young daughter.

The attack occurred Sunday morning as 40-year-old was
dining with his girlfriend and three children at a restaurant in
Sotogrande, a resort in southern Spain, Daily Mail reports.
Kainth reportedly noticed Germany’s Sandro Rottman, 43, filming his daughter on his iPad and asked him to stop several times.

Rottman refused, so the father grabbed the tablet out of his hands.
Kainth apparently threw the device on the ground when he saw pictures
of his daughter, who is said to be under 8 years old, according to the
Guardian.Kainth then allegedly unleashed a furious beating with his bare hands before leaving the restaurant.
Paramedics arrived, but Rottman died at the hospital soon after.
Police arrested Kainth at his home, located near the restaurant, later that night following identification from witnesses.
He is currently in custody awaiting formal charges.
Rottman had been arrested for possession of child pornography just
days before his death, which may have been caused by a single punch to
the head, the Telegraph reports.
The owner of the Spanish restaurant said Rottman was taking pictures
of several people, not just Kainth’s daughter, but the manager of
another restaurant in the area said the German “had a bad reputation
locally and was banned from various bars,” according to Daily Mail.
Britain’s Foreign Office is investigating the attack and will provide legal assistance upon a request from Kainth.

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