APC feels general election shift is “highly provocative”

February 8, 2015 6:50 am

A press statement from

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has just heard over the
media that The Independent National Electoral Commission () has
decided to postpone the elections by six weeks on the strength of a
letter by the security chiefs that they cannot provide security for the
elections nationwide because of the commitment of its resources to fight
insurgency in the north eastern part of the country.

This is clearly a major setback for Nigerian democracy, and our Party
is meeting in emergency session to study its implications and will
inform Nigerians of its decisions in the next few days.

In the meantime, though what has happened is highly provocative, I
strongly appeal to all Nigerians to remain calm and desist from violence
and any activity which will compound this unfortunate development. We
must not fall into this obvious trap. Change we must. They can only
delay it; No one can stop it.

I want to assure all Nigerians that the All Progressives Congress
will not abandon its commitment to change and will sustain the struggle
to establish a new .

. CON.

National Chairman, APC

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