Alleged Former Ekiti first lady, Mrs Bisi Fayemi denies donating drugs to Buhari’s campaign

February 17, 2015 7:52 pm

the , alleged that former Ekiti First Lady,
, diverted N57m drugs meant for the State to the campaign
of Gen Buhari. (Read here). Mrs Fayemi has released a statement denying it, saying Fayose’s aides are behind EJG allegations. Read below..

attention of the Wife of the immediate past governor of , Erelu Bisi
Fayemi has been drawn to an allegation by a faceless group, operating
under the unregistered name : Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) –  that she donated drugs  worth N57.34m to the campaign of the All
Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

so-called EJG claimed among
other things that the purported drugs was sourced from a European Donor Agency
last year August for Ekiti Free Health Mission, but was diverted for the APC
campaign in January, 2015.
it wouldn’t have been necessary to dignify the spurious allegations of the
group with a response coming on the heels of an earlier false claim about the
Governor’s so-called donation to the Buhari campaign. However, for the
sake of the general public and gullible readers who might have been deceived into
believing the malicious publication, it is important to state as
That the allegations
are baseless and shamelessly concocted by the propaganda arm of the PDP- led
government in the state to tarnish the good image of the former administration
in the state.
That on
no occasion did any European Donor Agency supply any drugs to the Ekiti Free
Health Mission. Neither did any agency donate any drugs to Ekiti Health Mission
throughout Dr Fayemi’s tenure in office;
That on no
occasion did Mrs Fayemi donate drugs to the APC Campaign. Even while her
husband served as the Chief Executive of the state, Mrs Fayemi was not directly
involved in the Free Health Mission
That Mrs
Fayemi has over the past three decades been involved in gender and youth
development programmes locally and globally, and has continued to identify
publicly with any positive actions towards this. Hence she has no reason to
deny  her contributions to a good cause
such as donation of drugs to the needy in the society if she actually did.
of the society are therefore enjoined to disregard the allegations, which are blatant lies issued on a daily
basis by the government of Mr Ayodele Fayose, through the office of his Special
Assistant on (mis)Information with the intent to divert attention from the
government’s ineptitude, corruption and directionlessness.
have shown that the EJG exists only at the Information Unit of the Governor’s
Office and that the aides of the Governor are the officials of the faceless
group using different pseudonyms.
aides of the Governor are the same people that came up with the lies that
former Governor Fayemi made a donation of N1.5b to the APC Presidential campaign.
They also went ahead to circulate leaflets containing that malicious
allegations to civil servants during a meeting called by Governor Fayose with
the workers in Ado-Ekiti, last week. They are also the same
people behind the scurrilous Al-Hikmah advert campaigns in the newspapers.
Those who
unwittingly or deliberately help Mr Fayose spread this falsehood should know
that appropriate legal steps are being taken against such libelous
publications. Dr Fayemi is always ready to clarify any issue in relation to his
time in office should such clarification be necessary.
Only a
discredited government like we currently have in Ekiti State would elevate falsehood
to a state policy, all in the bid to mislead the people and cover up the
misdeeds of the administration.  
Press Secretary to Dr Kayode Fayemi
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