2015 Trending 5 Best Luxury Cars in the World

February 9, 2015 10:16 pm
There are quite some amazing and beautiful cars out there to think on but choosing the is no easy task. Selecting
the best of anything is subjective and it’s always open for debate what
is at the top of its class. But we reckon we’re up to the task when it
comes to the automotive industry. So sticking to the open market, let’s
look at just what are the best luxury cars in the world.

For a lot of billionaires, Rolls-Royce is the car manufacturer that
most says ‘luxury’, so it is no surprise that cars such as the Ghost are
such popular choices for the superrich.
Rolls-Royce prides itself on making cars that are more comfortable
than any other on the market and the Ghost certainly fits into the
The performance specs of the Rolls-Royce Ghost are seriously
impressive too, but it is the iconic styling of the car that will make
sure that it goes down in history as one of the best luxury cars in the
It is arguable that the powertrain of the Rolls-Royce Ghost is the
best to have ever been fitted in this type of car, but what is perhaps
most amazing about the car is the way it includes all of the modern
technology anyone would expect from a new car into what is certainly a
classic interior style.
The mix between new tech and timeless style is difficult to achieve
and when a car manufacturer gets it wrong then the look of the interior
can be jarring, but the Ghost ticks this box with ease.
For those who prefer to be driven rather than to drive themselves,
there are few better options than the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II
Extended Wheelbase, which might just be the most comfortable luxury car
ever to have been produced.

Image: Photos Autos

Image: Photos Autos

Lexus is perhaps Asia’s most famous luxury car manufacturer and one
of the firm’s very finest cars is the GS, which was first launched by
the company back in 1991.
Currently in development is the new GS F V8 sedan, which Lexus is
positioning as a direct rival to the BMW M5. As such, it is aiming to
become one of the best luxury cars in the world.
The latest versions of the Lexus GS feature some of the finest
technology ever seen in a luxury car, boasting save energy + airflow
control (S-FLOW) and the Lexus Remote Touch mouse controller system, as
well as a Mark Levinson surround sound system.
Those who want to make their Lexus GS purchase even more special can
add optional extras such as stunning 19 inch F Sport wheels, a new front
bumper and a rear spoiler, while people with deep pockets could also
splash out for a F Sport steering wheel, F Sport seats and a new
suspension system with AVS adjustable dampers.
The Lexus GS also has a racing history, with a version of the car
being used in the Motorola Cup North American Street Stock Championship
touring car series competition in 1999.

Over to Europe again and back to Germany for our next entry in our list of the best luxury cars in the world.
The Audi Q7 has become one of the very finest cars available to buy
since its launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005, selling tens of
thousands of models all over the planet.
More and more manufacturers are entering the full-size luxury
crossover SUV market, but they are all chasing Audi, which has already
made what can be described as a genuine era-defining car.
The Q7’s next generation was unveiled by the German company in
January 2015 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit
and it was one of the biggest car launches in memory.
Audi revealed that the new Q7 will be the first car it has made that
has very-high-speed FlexRay optical fibre data bus technology,
interconnecting all electronic systems.
The technological advances do not end there, as the latest Audi Q7 is
also equipped with Exit Warning System and Turning Assistant, as well
as Predictive Efficiency Assistant, to make driving more comfortable
than ever before.
A Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System with 3D sound rounds off
the top level benefits of the Q7, which is sure to become a very popular
choice for wealthy individuals around the world in the future.

America may be more famous for its fearsomely powerful muscle cars than solidly built luxury SUVs, but that is slowly changing.
Manufacturers like Cadillac are increasingly targeting this part of
the market and the firm has had a lot of success with its SRX luxury
crossover, which is one of the bestselling luxury cars in the US. In
each of the last five years, Cadillac has sold more than 50,000 of these
models in America alone.
Boasting a 3.6-litre V6 engine with 308 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque as
standard, the Cadillac SRZ is a serious machine and it also has pretty
good fuel economy, with the car able to achieve 17 mpg in the city and
24 mpg on the highway, which is very reasonable for a car of its size
and power.
Cadillac User Experience (CUE) gives the car a unique feel, while
buyers can also benefit from technology such as Rear-Cross Traffic
Alert, Auto-Dry Brakes and more.
Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of the Cadillac SRX is the
UltraView Sunroof that spans both the front and rear seats, making the
cabin feel a lot more spacious than comparable models.
Infiniti is not a household name around the planet, but the Japanese
manufacturer is producing some of the very best luxury cars in the
The company’s M series, for example, one of its best offering to
date, with the latest versions of the range having brand new safety
technology such as Lane Departure Prevention included. Third generation
Infiniti M models were given a ‘Top Safety Pick’ by the Insurance
Institute for Highway Safety.
Infiniti’s M series are the classic executive cars, offering high
speed and the very best comfort a model has to offer in line with top of
the range safety features as standard.
From 2014, the M series was renamed the Q70 by Infiniti as part of a
rebranding of all its cars. Infiniti is not yet a commonly known
manufacturer in many parts of the world, so buyers can be assured they
will stand out from the crowd on most roads.

These other luxury vehicles might be bringing something new to the
market, but for our money it has to be the classic Rolls-Royce Ghost,
it’s clearly far and away one of the best luxury cars money can buy.

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