10 Trending Things Guys Do To Deceive Young Girls

February 23, 2015 10:13 am

Now I love my sisters and I’ll do anything for them, and they are one
thing I’ll always thank God for, coz they bring pain to the guys in
their lives. Well, I coach them to LOCK UP their warehouse of abundance.
grin As a semi-badt guy, guys have tricks and I’ll expose them here.
Thank me with a PM if you want more tips.

1. Using Slow Rhythm and Soft Tone: Whether on the phone or in-person,
the first simple thing a guy can do to deceive you is when he lowers his
voice tone to become soft and speaks like he’s talking to his great
grandmother who just had ear surgery. Ladies, you know what I’m
saying… abi?

2. Smile: A genuine smile that has the sides of a guy’s eyes stretching
along, will ALWAYS deceive you ladies into opening up your shield. Watch
for this one too. A smile can cost more than the price they call. Na
after you buy you go know the difference between Isoko and Sokoto grin

3. Make you laugh: Like this post says, these are just simple things
guys do and this one is like the simplest and most obvious. Ladies,
trust me guys know this and I’m telling you a secret. (hussssh!
listen…) Guys believe that once they can make you laugh, “it’s
finished” as put by my sweet Lord Jesus. Maybe that’s what helped Jesus
with the women in his life… he never made them laugh. I’m not sure I
have an antidote coz this trick really works. grin
4. Make you talk: A guy that knows ‘wasup’ will always make you want to
talk, and talk ONLY about yourself. Things that concern you, your
hairdo, your makeup and how so ‘beautifully ungodly’ it is – and even
what you think about the Big Brother House girls! This tactic is simple.
So simple. Once they get you talking and talking and talking, trust me,
they are ogling at your chest, your lips and if it’s really nice, your

5. Walk slowly: A slow stride in a guy signifies some sort of
confidence. Ladies, am I right… that you NEVER get turned on by a guy
who walks SO FAST! Tap! Tap! Tap! Like he was walking to secure the last
seat before his molue leaves for heaven! Once a guy steps slowly like,
one… and… two… and… one… and… two… trust me, the ladies
start tripping.

6. Perfume: Hmmmmm… no need to talk about this. It’s as simple as I
told you it’d be. The worst part, even a N1200 perfume can make a girl
think, “Hmmm… just maybe”

7. Dress cute: Whether wearing the most expensive or the cheapest, as
long as the color goes well and the clothes are ironed, ladies just
start considering. If the guy con try add good shoe with correct belt,
aha! “It is finished” again… Thank u Lord Jesus!

8. Clean Skin: O boy! I don’t know where to start from in this one. A
20-something year old lady almost raped me when I was like 12 years old
coz of my skin tone! Heck, why do you think ladies love holding babies
and cuddling them? Once a guy maintains his skin well, no blemish, no
pimple, all clean, the ladies even start deceiving themselves. They be
like, “wow… he’s SO competing with me” shocked

9. Deepened Voice: Another simple trick that throws girls off-balance. A
guy’s voice sounds deep, mustn’t be bass, and the ladies start doing
“ten ten” in their minds. Na wa o. Don’t they even know this voice thing
comes as early as puberty? God help my 18-year old bro… the guy must
be having ‘selection problem’.

10. Make U Think or Talk about Sex! : What came to your mind when you
saw that last word in RED. See what I mean? Once a guy jokes about the
RED word, or writes about the RED word, or even sneezes a note about the
RED word, ladies die once. It’s like something falls off their brain
and crashes into their “down there” causing irreparable damage. Of the
two of us, guys and girls, I have to argue that girls love se.x more
than us. They’re just better at hiding it! But still, that’s a good
thing… wouldn’t want my future virgin daughter come up to me like,
“Dad, I saw this guy today and my body was so scratching me, like this
and like that… I just did it to get it over with Dad.” Mehnnn… na

HMMMM… the worst part, guys will still continue to deceive you even
after reading this. God help us! Comments and bashing are welcome 

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