Two patients are being tested for Ebola at UK hospitals — a day after a Scottish aid worker was found to have the deadly virus

December 30, 2014 12:01 pm

Patient tested for Ebola in Cornwall 
  A patient is being tested for Ebola at the Royal Cornwall Hospital…..

A patient, believed to have recently returned from Ebola-affected
Africa, was admitted to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Treliske last
night and was placed in isolation in the Wheal Prosper ward.
health worker was also being tested for the killer virus at a Scottish
hospital this morning, after the first case north of the border was
confirmed yesterday.
A statement from Royal Cornwall Hospital
Trust (RCHT) said: “A patient has been admitted to Royal Cornwall
Hospital and is currently undergoing a series of tests – one of which is
for Ebola.
“We do not expect the results to be known for at least
24 hours and in the meantime the patient is being looked after in
isolation, following nationally agreed guidelines and protocols to
protect the health of our staff and other patients.
Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has been following national guidance around
Ebola and made plans in line with advice from Public Health England and
NHS England.”
Scottish NHS worker who
was yesterday diagnosed with Ebola after returning to Glasgow from
working in Sierra Leone was this morning moved to a London hospital.
is understood the second Scottish patient, who is currently being
tested for the virus, had been staying at a youth hostel in the
Highlands and was being transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “I should stress that, although
this is another returning healthcare worker from West Africa, the
patient here, as far as we are aware, has had no direct contact with
people infected with Ebola, so it is a case that is being described as
low probability.
“But we are operating, given the seriousness of
Ebola, on a highly precautionary basis and that’s why this patient over
the course of today will be transferred for tests.”
The current Ebola outbreak, which sparked in West Africa, is the largest epidemic of the virus in history.
It began in Guinea last December before quickly spreading to Liberia and Sierra Leone – the two worst-affected nations.
World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported a total of 19,980
suspected cases and 7,793 deaths but it believes these figures
understate the true scale of the deadly outbreak.

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