Top 10 amazing favourite movie moments of the year 2014

December 29, 2014 5:54 pm

Dominic Corry names is favourite movie moments of the year.  Top 10 amazing favourite movie moments of the year 2014…..

1. Chef – Ultimate Sandwich
Jon Favreau displayed a considerable talent for evoking the joy of food
on film all throughout this low-key dramedy, but never more so than in
the mid-film scene in which he lovingly constructs a toasted ‘Cubano’
cheese sandwich for his son.

2. Edge of Tomorrow – Squish

of the coolest conceits in this underrated sci-fi actioner is how the
hero can only perform his outlandish heroic actions after practicing
them beforehand and repeatedly dying.
Tom Cruise first attempts to escape his platoon by rolling under a
moving jeep, he is promptly run over and killed, causing Bill Paxton’s
Sergeant to legitimately exclaim “What the hell were you thinking?!”.
It’s a great action-film subverting moment in a movie filled with them.

3. What We Do In The Shadows – Flat Meeting
a New Zealand audience the confidence to laugh in a Kiwi comedy is one
of the toughest feats in this industry – just ask the makers of Send a Gorilla. What was so impressive about WWDITS
is that it inspired that confidence straight out of the gate, and
especially in this early comedic set-piece surrounding unfulfilled flat
responsibilities. It’s a great showcase for the film’s hilarious secret
weapon, Jonathan Brugh, to whom Taika Waititi delivers perhaps the
movie’s funniest line: “It’s not a flat meeting about how cool you are.”


4. The Last Saint – Enter Pinball
The raw genre intensity of Rene Naufahu’s The Last Saint
becomes undeniable when it introduces wide-eyed techno-loving druglord
Pinball, played with joyful gusto by a ripped-as Joe Naufahu.
Kiwi cinema is far too bereft of these kinds of larger-than-life psychos, and this one’s a doozy. P for Powerful.

5. Interstellar – Landing the Lander
The authenticity of Interstellar
was greatly enhanced by the way Christopher Nolan chose to portray its
spaceship scenes: predominantly via ‘onboard’ cameras a la most of the
NASA footage we’ve ever seen. The effect was particularly great when
Matthew McConaughey’s Cooper is manually piloting the smaller ‘lander’
craft to the surface of the water planet – the camera stays inside the
cockpit for the entire rocky descent, until the very last moment when a
sudden single exterior shot shows the craft violently touching down.
This brief moment absolutely blew me away.

6. The Dark Horse – The Tourney
less interesting version of this film would’ve hung all its emotional
climaxes on the much-discussed Chess tournament. But the event plays out
here with a low-key effect that is all the more powerful for its
understated realism.

7.  X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Silver Is Quick
film was a bit of a mish-mash overall, but the stunning time-fiddling
set-piece in which the super-fast Quicksilver (Evan Peters) takes out a
room full of heavies showed Bryan Singer can still occasionally deliver
the goods, and threw down the gauntlet for Marvel’s version of the
character in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, where he is played by Peters’ Kick Ass co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

8. Big Hero 6 – Meet Baymax
screening of this film I attended was 95 per cent comprised of
sugar-addled under-eights, rowdy to the hilt. When robot co-star Baymax
first inflated on screen, about fifteen minutes into the film, the
cinema went completely silent except for the sustained, delighted gasps
of several hundred children.

9.  Guardians of the Galaxy – The Escape Plan
Gunn’s wonderfully old school adventure comes together just as the
titular gang of misfits do in order to escape the space prison they’ve
all been thrown in. In one stunning, hilarious, thrilling set-piece,
every character gets a chance to shine, and the giddy joy of the film
they’re in becomes truly apparent.

10.  Gone Girl – Honey I’m Home
getting into spoilery-specifics, this is one of those scenes where a
character perfectly articulates what every audience member is thinking.
In a private whisper.

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