Terror group Al-Qaeda urges jihadists to strike American Airlines, United & Delta planes

December 29, 2014 3:29 pm
Terror group Al-Qaeda released their magazine called Inspire on Dec.
24th where they asked ‘lone wolf’ jihadists to blow up four of
America’s biggest airlines – American Airlines, United, Continental
Airlines (which has merged with United) and Delta planes using bombs
made in their
An article in the
magazine, which is illegal to own (you could face possible jail time for
carrying the mag in a public place), urged terrorists to target these
airlines because it will help them gain headlines and
‘crush the America’s economy’.
The article also told followers to target Air France, British Airways and Easyjet. And see them praising
Abdulmutallab (where you see Delta), the Nigerian ‘underwear bomber’ who tried to blow up a plane some years back.
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