A gunman has shot and killed a customer in US at a mall in Louisiana on Christmas Eve

December 25, 2014 5:58 am
It was a sad a experience to hear a gunman
who has shot and killed a customer that was shopping at a mall in Louisiana
on Christmas Eve as the US is still reeling from an earlier fatal
shooting of a black man by police.

The deadly shooting happened Wednesday evening at the Oakwood Center
Mall in Gretna, Louisiana near the city of New Orleans, according to
police officials.
James Vaughn, 24, had just made a purchase from a shoe store when
25-year-old Gary François walked within three or four feet of him and
opened fire on him, said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand.

“Obviously, based on witness accounts, he walked in with purpose of
shooting this particular individual,” Normand said when asked if the
victim was targeted.

“In the aftermath of the shooting, there was bedlam in the mall,” the sheriff said.

Police has arrested the shooter near the mall and is still
questioning him. Authorities say he is likely to face a charge of
second-degree murder.

The latest gun violence on Christmas Eve follows public anger at
police for the fatal shooting of several African-Americans in recent

On Tuesday, another African-American teenager was shot dead by a police officer in Saint Louis, Missouri.

The victim, 18-year-old Antonio Martin, was unarmed when officers fatally shot him at a gas station in Berkeley, witnesses said.

In a statement, St. Louis County Police said Martin was shot after he
pulled a gun and pointed it at officers as they approached him outside
the gas station.

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