The Apostles Commissioned

We understand that a closed door was not a barrier to the risen Lord; proving that resurrected bodies does not need openings to get into houses. They are called ‘spiritual bodies’ in 1 Corinthians 15:42-44. The disciples were assembled in the upper room where they had the last supper with the Lord probably for fear of the Jews. Jesus Christ appeared to them and greeted with the common salutation of the Hebrews – Peace be unto you! And He showed them His hand and His feet as a proof that He was the crucified Lord. The Lord commissioned them and gave them the power of attorney to work on His behalf – to do the work of Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ sent His disciples with the same endowment of power and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

It is in this light that I would say that the same power is given to al believers today to go and do this work of Christ. Are you sure that you have this power? How are you getting on with this task?  What is important in this discuss is that Jesus Christ commissioned the apostles to carry on from where He stopped by preaching and spreading the Good News or Gospel to all nations and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Have you preached to someone? Are you playing or sleeping? Are you doing that which is expected of you from the Saviour who died to redeem us all from the slavery and captivity of sin and all evil forces of darkness?
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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