God avenges His people over their enemies

Many men and women who commit acts of wickedness and oppression against the weak and vulnerable seem to be waxing stronger in their evil deeds. In many cases, they boast about them, presumably thinking that they can “pocket” those who are in a position to bring them to book. Such “mighty-men” boast especially about their exploits over the righteous and God fearing people and mockingly ask them: where is your God?

You probably have an experience in life in which you have been so battered by enemies who, for no just cause, are bent on wanting to make life unbearable for you, and daring anybody to challenge them. Many in your situation have often been tempted to lose their confidence in God. They even envy evil doers. But you do not need to lose your confidence in the Lord nor be discouraged. You do not need to fear.
I will want to assure you that there is an assurance that the so-called mighty men and women who have taken delight in crushing God’s people will definitely have their day of reckoning. God knows best when, and how to strike at the enemy; and He will do that convincingly and decisively.
–    By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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