Entertainment and media

Entertainment consists of the activities and diversions we participate in to amuse ourselves during some of our leisure time. Entertainment is defined as generally passive: watching broadcasts or movies, seeing a play or musical performance, reading books, etc.
As much as we are drawn to active pursuits such as arts and crafts and recreation and … Keep Reading → sports, we make a place in our downtime for letting others make us laugh, cry, or learn. The entertainment industry is full of celebrities that we enjoy watching as well as finding out what they do, who they are with, and how they live. And then there is music: the many genres, artists, songs, and ways to enjoy them. The “top 40” on the radio is a thing of the past and personal playlists define us now. The staged variety shows are no more, but reality shows and contestants competing in all sorts of performing arts and recreational pursuits are the norm. Entertainment media is part of our everyday life.

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