Conversion of St. Paul the apostle and three life’s pictures to use


Saint Paul the apostle was once called Saul and was an avowed persecutor of Christians until he had a personal encounter with Jesus as the risen Lord. Paul recalled his conversion experience, capturing it for us with three pictures. Firstly, there is the picture of himself before his conversion; how he lived his life in Judaism, and intensely persecuted the church. It was a life lived in opposition to God’s will. Secondly, there is the picture of his encounter with Christ; how he had a persona encounter with Jesus Christ from whom he received by revelation the gospel he preached. Thirdly, he gives us the picture of himself after God called him. A man, who once was a terror to the Church, suddenly becomes a blessing to God’s people as people gave glory to God because of him. These three pictures above are needed by every Christian to determine whether he or she is growing in the faith or not. Anyone who cannot differentiate between a past life outside Christ and a new life in Him is not born again. A personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, we cannot but be a source of blessing to all that come our way. I will admonish you to these three pictures painted supra to examine your life today. – By Jokpeme Joseph Omode

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