Intellectual Emancipation

November 26, 2012 2:00 pm

Intellectual Emancipation    Written August 12th 2011 by Jokpeme Joseph Omode
The attitudinal orientation
Which sought my intellectual emancipation
Has made me critical and skeptical.
It has now taken over me
And I am now radical that I can’t do
Without seeking to make the best use
Of all that is around me.
Sometimes I run down
Only to find myself helpless.
Sometimes crowd of thoughts will engulf my mind
With uncountable questions crying for answers.
Yet I must learn again to fly.
How can I make the best of opportunities?
How can I develop my faculties to excel?
How can I cut my way
Through the mesh of difficulties  and challenges to excel?
Countless number of questions crowds my mind
That I had to ask myself;
Oh why? Oh how? Oh when?
All these questions and more
Never cease to bomb my mind.
Yet my intellectual emancipation 
Which had developed my faculties
Failed to allow me to fail.
Though sometimes I am tossed to and fro,
And sometimes here and there.
But the attitudinal orientation
Which sought my intellectual emancipation
And the development of my faculties
Has made me now to always strive for excellence
To retain to sustain to deliver.
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