Federal Bureau of Investigation

November 25, 2012 2:59 pm

The FBI fights crime. Years ago, it chased down bank robbers. Today, the FBI goes after spies, terrorists, and highly organized professional criminals.
FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is the main crime investigation agency of the United States government.
The FBI is a powerful agency. The director of the FBI is selected by the president of the United States. The U.S. Senate has to approve the president’s selection.
The police handle crimes in your city, town, or neighborhood. The FBI investigates crimes that break national laws. If spies are selling government secrets, the FBI hunts for them. If somebody sends a damaging computer virus all over the country, the FBI looks for the person who did it.
The FBI also tries to protect the United States against terrorist attacks. The FBI gathers information on possible terrorists. It tries to stop them before they can attack.
The FBI also helps train police officers. It helps police forces by storing information about criminals. It also has information about missing persons and stolen cars. It keeps this information in a central location so that all police forces can use it.
The FBI has about 250 million sets of fingerprints on file! It’s the largest fingerprint collection in the world. If a crime is committed and fingerprints are left behind, police or FBI agents can try to find out who was there. Each person’s fingerprints are unlike anyone else’s.
The headquarters of the FBI are in Washington, D.C. FBI offices are also located in cities and towns across the United States. FBI agents work in these offices. FBI agents are a lot like police officers. They can carry guns and make arrests.
FBI agents are trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. They need to learn about law, handling guns and other firearms, and investigating crime. FBI agents also must be physically strong. They learn to defend themselves so they can arrest people without getting hurt.
Agents aren’t the only people who work in FBI offices. Scientists and psychologists also work for the FBI. So do specialists in languages and computers. These people help FBI agents solve crimes.
Scientists analyze evidence in the FBI Laboratory. They use technology to study the evidence from a crime. They look at fingerprints and at blood or hair samples to help figure out who committed a crime.
Psychologists study criminal behavior to try to understand how criminals think. Language specialists translate documents from foreign languages. Computer specialists design computer programs to keep track of FBI records and other information.
Dogs also work for the FBI. These dogs are specially trained. They can sniff out bombs, drugs, or even hidden money. They can also find people.
Have you heard of the Ten Most Wanted list? It’s a list of dangerous criminals the FBI is looking for and has not yet found. You might see pictures of these criminals on posters at your post office.
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