Far Away From Home

November 26, 2012 2:32 pm

Far Away From Home    Written February 24th 2011  by Jokpeme Joseph Omode
For long I have left home
To a place far away from home
To acquire knowledge and skill.
For I was partially ok
Because I spend without worry
To satisfy needs.
I spend for fun
To satisfy selfish desires.
I spend for pleasure
So never to worry.
But here I find myself
To be cautious of everything.
To plan and reason before taking actions,
To consider possible means of recovering
And never to lose any
But to retain to sustain.
I languished helplessly when I think
 About the vicissitudes of life that come to me.
Sometimes I find myself crying
Only to be consoled by the hope of the future.
I was once spending with double hands
But now I find myself begging from here and there
In order to survive
In this place far away from home.
Sometimes I imagine myself not to exist
Yet I exist.
Sometimes I pray for an end;
So that I can leave this place I find myself
To a place of comfort and joy.
Though the vicissitudes of life
Has never given me leisure of certainty.
 It is one thing today
And another tomorrow.
But in all,
My ability to learn from it
Is the dominant factor
That I thought I should hold on to
In this place far away from home
In order to graduate with a certified certificate and knowledge
To find comfort and good fortune.

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