Embodiment of Love

November 26, 2012 1:55 pm

Embodiment of Love          Written April 28th  2011  by Jokpeme Joseph Omode
If I were a tear in your eye,
I’d roll down on your lips.
But if you were a tear in my eyes,
I’d never cry as I’d be afraid of losing you.
If one star would fall each time each time I miss you,
Then all the stars in heaven would be gone.
If love were to be taxed,
I’d be the highest tax payer for your love.
If I could pull down the rainbow,
I’d write your name on it
And place it back for everyone
To see the colourful life I have with a darling like you.
If I write your name on the sky,
The wind will blow it away.
If I write your name in the sea,
Waves would wash it away.
So your name has been engraved
In my heart where nothing can touch it.
If you can separate the tongue from the mouth,
Then you’ll be able to separate me from you.
If today is sunny,
It’ll brighten our lives.
If it rains,
It will shower blessings upon us.
If dry,
It will dry our tears.
If windy,
It’ll blow goodness and favour us.
For you are a paragon of beauty.
An embodiment of love;
A centre of attraction and peak of success,
And you’ll always be by my side and queen forever. 
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