iPhone 5 versus Galaxy S3: A Comparative Analysis

September 18, 2012 4:46 pm

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: A Comparative Analysis
Both Samsung and Apple’s flagship phones are amazing devices. Sleek, powerful, and packed with features, it may be hard for you to choose between these two beauties. While there are many similarities between these two phones, there are a few minor differences that may sway you in one direction; to help alleviate some of that indecisiveness, here is a side-by-side comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5.

From a distance, these two phones look very similar, but once held in the hand the differences between these two are fairly obvious. For starters, the iPhone 5 is a full millimeter thinner than the S3. At a mere 7.3mm, the iPhone 5 is much more “hand friendly” than both it’s predecessors and competitor. The iPhone 5 also features an aluminum backing, which feels much sturdier than the S3′s plastic casing. As usual, the iPhone’s battery is sealed shut leaving its user at the mercy of their device; Samsung’s Galaxy S3 features a removable battery, which is convenient for those times when your phone freezes on you.
The S3′s screen size is significantly larger than the iPhone 5′s. While Apple decided to ship their new phone with a slightly-larger-than-past-iPhones- 58mm wide screen, the S3 has a whopping 71mm of gorgeousness. I recommend getting a hold of one to see how it fits in your hand before taking the plunge, as some may find the S3′s screen too big for their hands.
The iPhone 5 utilizes a slightly new take on the IPS technology that it has used almost exclusively for the past few years, while the Galaxy S3 features a super AMOLED panel. The color differences between these two screens is very minimal, so I recommend focusing more on the size of the screen than what it is actually made of.
Battery Life
Unfortunately for you consumers, Apple still refuses to release exact specs on its battery, opting instead for “real-life” measurements by saying you’ll get about eight hours of talk time, and up to 40 hours of audio. The S3′s 2100mAh battery is its strongest yet, outperforming Samsung’s previous models by almost 20%. Both batteries are excellent and it’s unlikely you’ll have any problems keeping an all-day charge with either one.


It’s extremely hard to say which one of these devices triumphs in this battle, as they are both supreme devices capable of everything you would expect out of a smartphone. While Apple’s aluminum finish and smallish design make for a much more comfortable and sturdy device, the S3 boasts a fairly malleable operating system and the ability to expand memory, making it the more “flexible” choice. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide which device is right for you.

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