Federal Trade Commission is stifling Google


As someone who works in the digital world, I’ve always been enamored by Google and how the site has grown from a convenience into an innovative powerhouse. In the short life of the web, Google has shown us how to be inventive by adding products that became key parts of our work day. Now I’m afraid Google’s ability to remain awesome may become stifled.

The Federal Trade Commission’s current investigation into Google’s alleged anti-competitive behavior and potential abuse of power is off base. It targets an industry leader whose whole concept is based on locating information. And yes, that includes information about other search engines. Google continues as a vital tool for people to connect and work on the web in the way its advertising and search results bring customers to business’ (digital) front doors. However, that doesn’t hinder other startups to give search, advertising and other online tools a try. If anything, Google’s spirit of rolling out projects that evolve, win or lose, should inspire businesses, big and small.
Innovation and invention can often make great companies into big targets. Google shouldn’t be targeted by the FTC; it should continue to inspire those of us who spend time online.
Mike Koehler, Oklahoma City
Koehler is the CEO and chief strategist of Smirk New Media, a social media management consulting firm in Oklahoma City. The FTC fined Google $22.5 million to settle a regulatory case questioning Google’s respect for people’s privacy and the integrity of its internal controls.

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