Christian Communion Prayers


People of different faiths have different views of the method used for communion and the meaning of the experience, but for most, there is a common thread: Communion is a holy time of separation to reflect and take serious thought about God. For those of the Catholic faith, upon consecration, the bread and wine take on the presence of the actual blood and body of Christ. Faiths, such as that of

the Orthodox and Lutheran Church have similar beliefs, but each vary in their practice of the observance to some degree.Other groups, such as Baptists, believe that there is no physical or spiritual presence of Christ at the time of communion, or what is often called, “The Lord’s Supper.” Instead, the bread and wine are a remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice, by his death upon the cross. In shedding his blood and giving his body, he did so for the sake of a Christian’s deliverance from the eternal consequences of sin. Furthermore, in the Baptist faith, it is believed that anytime a Christian prays, they are communing with God; therefore, each prayer offered is a unique communion prayer.
Looking back to the faith of the Orthodox Church, there are memorable communion prayers that have been recorded and used by priests, for consecration of the elements, and lay people at the time of communion, or Eucharist. Here is one of such prayers, which the priest and lay people repeat together.
The prayer after receiving the Holy Eucharist:
“O Lord, Thy exalted and holy mouth has promised and said
`Whose eats my Body and drinks my Blood and believes in me, shall abide in me, and I in him,
and I will raise him up on the last day’,
O Lord, I have eaten Thy holy Body and drunk Thy propitiating Blood.
May they not become to me for judgement or vengeance or indictment;
but for the remission of debts, and the forgiveness of sins, and for the blessed resurrection from the place of the dead,
and for a joyful face before Thy awe-inspiring throne,
my Lord and my God, for ever,

As varied as the rituals and meanings for communion for each faith may be, there is one focus and that is God and his holiness. Christian communion prayers have varied purpose for each faith, as well, but they all find their beginning with God. For more information, please see the reference links below. and

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